Where to next?


I know, another travel blog! I’m not trying to reinvent the wheel, I just take too many bleeping pictures, I always have – with a real camera, that required a flash cube. If we went to grade school together, then I still have photos of us, 80s bangs and all.
I’m a picture hoarder!

I launched this website several years ago to host my resume and media samples. Since then, it’s morphed into a place to share some of my travel experiences. I travel and produce videos as part of my job. I also enjoy traveling on my own and just returned from a solo trip to Egypt.

When I’m home, I’m trying to learn a new song on the piano, attempting to sew something, or just being lazy and Netflixing with my two cats, Tabitha and Pepper.

Next: Argentina, Canada.
Countries visited: Egypt, Brazil, Spain, Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, Morocco, Kenya, Ghana, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, India, Mexico.