My first day in Rome

Whew, that was fun! So I hopped off my overnight flight, checked in, and went out to explore. Who wants to waste a day in Rome? I’m here for a work conference, so there’s no time to waste.

I booked a 3 hour Viator tour of the Colosseum and old Rome. Our tour guide Alfredo was excellent. It’s mind boggling to think gladiators fought for their lives in this arena. We also toured the Forum, Pantheon, and Piazzo Navona.

Atlanta, Dallas, Ireland, Manchester, and Berlin were represented on the tour. My Manchester tour buddy and I walked to the Trevi Fountain and Spanish Steps before we parted ways. After that I wandered around on my own, searching for something to eat and ended up at Gregory’s Jazz Club. I enjoyed a nice meal and chatted with the Londoner sitting across from me. A quick but busy day, now I actually have to work tomorrow!




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