Just let me out!

Friday: I was freed from work at 1 p.m. and walked through the city and across the river to Trastevere. A quaint little area to wander through. Oh my goodness, I had a fantastic platter of meat, cheese, and some other things I can’t name at La Prosciutteria, delicious.

I’m sitting on the train back to Rome after a day in Firenze (Florence). I’m exhausted, my feet are tired, but I’m awake from a mix of wine and coffee. I spent too much money today, but c’est la vie!

I asked the owner for a pizza restaurant recommendation, and La Dantesca did not disappoint. I don’t recall the appetizer, but fried dough, cheese, and ham? You can’t go wrong; and pizza with spicy salami.

OH, and let me tell you how today began. I had to switch hotels this morning and catch the train at 8:35. I saw the hotel the night before on my walk. This morning I told the taxi driver where I was going and gave him the card, but there’s apparently another Demetra Hotel. When I told him it was the other one and directed him…well he didn’t understand and became irritated. Fast forward, I said just let me out!! I paid him and dragged my luggage a few blocks to the hotel. And – I missed my train by a few minutes and had to buy another ticket.

I’ll definitely return to Firenze. I was excited to visit a world class farmacia, or perfumerie, Santa Maria Novella, and splurge on my favorite thing-scents, lotions, candles.

I took a tour and climbed the Duomo bell tower, wow! People must have been short and skinny back then, with strong hearts. Then, I visited the Mueso Gallileo and marveled at the instruments, time pieces, telescopes, globes and such. For someone who’s terrible at mathematics, I find those items fascinating. After that I walked along the river and popped into a shoe store, but that’s not important…



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