Ice, Ice, Palace (at Jungfraujoch)


We loved the Ice Palace. The minute we glided in, the low oxygen giddiness kicked in. While other visitors gripped the railing afraid to fall, we were sliding around, making Boomerangs, and giggling like children. I’m so happy we decided to visit Jungfraujoch on my last day in Switzerland, it was breathtaking!



The ride to the mountain summit was beautiful, bright blue skies and blinding white snow. Like a kid, I love trains, and this train went through the mountain, with a lookout stop along the way.


We traveled from Geneva to Bern to Interlaken, with a few smaller stops on our journey to the top.




view of tunnel




It was the perfect end to a wonderful trip visiting my friend in Switzerland. I rode an efficient network of trams, buses, and trains covering hundreds of miles; visiting Zurich, Lucerne, Mount Rigi, Geneva, Hermance Village, Bern, Interlaken, and Jungfrau. The chocolate and fondue were definitely worth the calories. I can’t wait to return to Switzerland!


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