Bem vindo ao Brasil

Museu Memorial do Cerrado

My first full day in Goiania included a visit to a small museum detailing the indigenous people, animals, minerals, and various artifacts found in the Goiania region and throughout Brazil. This was a work trip, but I always have a chance to explore a little, which is why I love job!

I enjoyed the village replica from colonial times. It gives you a glimpse of how the colonial rulers lived, compared to the commoners and slaves.

The village included a church, living quarters, and farm equipment – some used to press sugar cane for juice and grind up cassava. I really love seeing old cookware, tools, farm equipment, etc.

quilombo is a Brazilian hinterland settlement founded by people of African origin including the Quilombolas, or Maroons. Most of the inhabitants of quilombos were escaped slaves and, in some cases, later these escaped African slaves would help provide shelter and homes to other minorities.

Indigenous community of homes – in the shape of the sun.




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