Beautiful Brazilian Street Art


Brazilian street art in Rio de Janeiro

Brazilian cities I visited (Goiania, Piracicaba, Franca, and Rio de Janeiro) were covered in funky street art-murals-tiles. Of course, it’s hard to snap photos from the road, so most of these are from areas in Rio de Janeiro, where I had more time to explore on foot. These are from the Lapa neighborhood.


A few from Rio, Ipanema, and Sugarloaf Mountain mural

On Saturday I took a short walking tour of Santa Teresa, a quirky, colorful hilltop area overlooking Rio. It’s known for its adorable yellow trolley, the last remaining streetcar.

A few others – Mirante Park mosaic in Piracicaba

Near the park there’s an old sugar mill that’s now used for artist space/events. These are a few selections from the humor festival.

The sugar mill is a great space! I love when structures are repurposed, instead of torn down. BTW – Piracicaba means “the place where the fish stop.”

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